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Draper Pkwy 1101
84020, Draper
+1 801-553-0123

Opening hours

  • Monday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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Treehouse Athletic Club: Opinions

5/5 (51 Opinions)
Top Rated Gym
Sadie Hawkes 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: This is my all time favorite place in the world to go to. I love all the people. I've made new friends. My kids love it. The best is so amazing to my babies.. Great gym equipment. Awesome cardio equipment. When you sign up not only do you get a great gym you get all classes included.. The classes are the best...

Brayden Burns 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I have been going to Treehouse for the last 10 years and have always been happy with my experiences. The gym is bigger than most and provides many amenities that the other guys can't, especially since they have recently refinished the workout floor with new carpet and flat screen TV's. It is always nice after a hard workout to go and sit in the steam room or sauna and then shower and clean up right after. The locker rooms are always kept nice and tidy with warm towels constantly being stacked. The staff is always responsive and friendly. All-in-all, Treehouse is a very nice fitness club with great equipment (and plenty of it), a clean locker room, and great staff. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great gym!

Allison Hardy Realtor 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: The Treehouse Athletic Club is a wonderful all-around gym. There are so many options. All the equipment is tip top. The private whirlpool and sauna is like a spa experience. I really enjoy the outdoor pool. I have a family membership and feel it is worth every penny! Member since 2011.

Tyson Craig 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I’ve been a member here on and off for about 15 years. I wanted to give Treehouse a huge shout out for all the new gym equipment they just got us. It really makes the gym feel up-to-date and I think it’s money well spent! Great Job Treehouse, this is a great family gym best in the state I think!!!

Garrett Jensen 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I've been coming to this gym for over a year now and i absolutely LOVE it. Best athletic club in UT. Daycare is top notch, pool is great, tons of classes for anything you would want to do. I've gotten to know a few of the trainers and they are all dedicated to helping you acheive your fitness goals. They recently added new equipment to their weight room and it is AWESOME! My wife who is 5'4 loves the new bench presses as she said it makes it easier, she actually hit a PR two days ago on their new bench press and she is ecstatcic. We both are excited about all their new machines and equipment they added. For what you are getting at this club in regards to the new equipment, the ease of use and the friendliness of staff you cannot get any better. Might not be the cheapest gym in the world, but you see the value of what they offer as soon as you walk in the door. Absolutely worth it!

Bryce Arnett 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Loving the new equipment and more than happy about the overall quality and service I receive here. I’m always greeted with a friendly smile and warm welcome, it’s clean, my family likes it, and the staff are super supportive. A special shout-out to Austan and Candace for the constant encouragement and positive energy they carry with them throughout the gym. Much appreciated.

Dustin Ondrasek 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Really great experience today visiting this location. Candace and Austan were both incredible. It has everything I need and great programs for the kids. Looking forward to making this place my home.

Bruce Serrano 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: My favorite gym in Utah!! I absolutely love this gym. It’s always super clean and staff is so friendly. It’s never crowded. The sauna and hot tub after a hard workout is perfect! Highly recommend!

MLB 1830 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Excellent experience! Each time I have had interaction with the staff, for whatever reason, they're professional, friendly, and accommodating. I've been going here for over a year and I'm grateful for the consistent kindness.

Macie Powell 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Love Treehouse!! They have a lot of great & newer equipment. Never crowded, especially compared to other popular & cheaper gyms. I have never felt as if the rooms or equipment are dirty. They offer great & challenging classes from staff. They have an awesome sauna & hot tub in the locker rooms. During the summer, using the outdoor pool is nice & relaxing. Workers are always very nice. They also have a protein place attached that has delicious & healthy options :)

Joel Freston 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've been coming to this gym now for about 3 weeks and I continue to be impressed with the staff, the amenities, and the cleanliness. Everyone here is kind and welcoming. From members and employees. I really enjoy the restorative yoga classes!

Jennifer Diffley 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I am so excited to leave this review! I just became a member at Treehouse athletic club, and I couldn’t be more excited! Candace is amazing! From start to finish, She welcomed me and made me feel like family! So professional, and yet so warm and welcoming. Just like the atmosphere at treehouse. What a beautiful facility! And all of the classes that they have to offer! Not to mention all of the awesome equipment… And friendly staff! I definitely made the right choice! Definitely worth taking a look you won’t regret it!! Thank you again Candace!

Trent Pettry 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Professionalism , Quality It's a nice, clean facility. Very well maintained, plenty of towels, staff is friendly, men and women's locker rooms have private jacuzzi, steam room, sauna. Pool is also very well maintained. Used to belong to Vasa, but this was much closer to us. A bit more money, but my family thinks its worth it.

Adam Call 2 years ago

Positive experience: Decent athletic club, wish it didn't close so early on Sundays

farsty mutt 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I love this club! Super well maintained, and the staff is great.

Hamid Physique 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: We love Treehouse! Took some time to get customed to it but the gym is nice, clean, and has a lot of stuff constantly working to keep things that way. We love the yoga classes here and mainly lift in the free weight area outside of that. Treehouse was a bit warm before. When I brought this to their attention they were very quick to respond and fix the issue. Very pleased with their prompt and professional manner of handling this.

Thomas Haynes 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: The lap pool here is amazing. They just put up the bubble for the winter and it looks amazing. The lap pool is a little shallow but still a great pool to swim at. The basketball courts are also really good to. They are well maintained and are very nice. They have been doing really well with cleaning there facilities and help maintain social distancing while still having a great time at these amazing facilities. Over all this is a great place to go to swim, play basketball, and etc.

Christian P 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: My family and I have been coming here for years and I can’t imagine seeing myself at any other gym.

Gordon Mueller 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Super nice facility, great staff with positive attitude! Been members since it opened. Recently remodeled which lightened and brightened the look. Summer days by the pool have been great. My wife loves their Yoga class. Once in a while they struggle with kids in the adult locker room. Just let the front desk know so they can handle it. Convenient hours with excellent equipment. Make the time to get here!

Ramon Frey 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: great fitnessclub featuring squash raquetball and several other sports as well as a great weights/machine section. also very nice is the pool and the whirlpool and steam room. very friendly staff.

Kelly Pearson 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Hands down the BEST kids programming for young AND older kids (through 12)! Kids Fit program daily where they are led through fitness, stretching, then play games like tag, sharks and minnows and dodgeball. Summer camp and field trip options, pool! They actually play with the kids!! And the group fitness classes are amazing! Not enough space to mention all the wonderful things about this gym!! Facilities are amazing too.

Cathrin Wischmann 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Love it. Very clean. Great classes. Really enjoy going!

Paul Wake 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Great vibe. My Happy Place and Refuge for 13 years. Moving out of state. Going to miss it terribly.

Russian TRUTH 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: This place is awesome. Because? - Don works here hit him up! Best employee and personal trainer. He should be the face of this club!

LIT UP VIDEO 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: This place is a family favorite for almost 20 years. Every chance we get we come here. place to 'pool' in the winter season.

Gina Hejazi 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I love the cleanliness and all of the amenities. The little extras that this gym has make it so worth it

Broc Hall 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Very clean with friendly staff. Even during peak times it doesn't seem crowded and there are still plenty of machines to get through your workout in a timely manner.

Brady Nielson 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Treehouse is an amazing facility with a great staff that works hard to accommodate all of your needs. I highly recommend Treehouse to anyone who wants to train at an amazing facility with great accommodations!

David Anderson 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Just signed up over a month ago. Facilities are great, clean and it’s NEVER overcrowded at peak times and this prolly has to do with how things are laid out. Men’s locker room is really clean and is not like other gyms where you feel you might need a tetanus shot after entering. No egos as well here from gym members, staff is friendly and greets you each day. Highly recommend.

Megan Greaves 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Love it here. Just joined three months ago. Have already met loads of enthusiastic, uplifting, and motivating people. The staff has always been helpful. The classes I’ve attended have been phenomenal. I work at my own pace, im in my 30’s, as I’m getting back into shape, and the instructors are supportive and full of great info. Also, the childcare is fantastic. My kids ASK to come to “kid fit” which makes me come exercise on days I was planning on slacking off. The kids area gives me time to workout and then have time to myself afterwards. I’ve even taken a child out, while others are still in the childcare, to spend some quality one on one time with him/her while at the gym! This gym has improved my quality of life, and that of my family, by 100%.

Brooke Ballstaedt 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I love the classes, the instructors, the staff (especially the kids care staff), the kids care, the pool, the locker rooms.

Steve Saxton 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Clean, convenient and not packed with meatheads. ✅

Jon Geertsen 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Close to home and great staff. Lisa Wilson set us up and was great to work with.

Lisa Hunt 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: My kids enjoy your care center as your employees are attentive and Play with the kids. High Fitness class on Tues is fun and the teacher is energetic, happy, & positive! The facilities arse nicely kept. Thank you!

Patricia Brenneisen 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've been loving this place for over 8 years. It only gets better with time. Raising the Barre, Barre Burn, Yoga Flow, Dave's Strenght and Undergroung: KB'S are my favorites! And as a bonus I have made good friends and met people from all over the world! Please continue to excel in the fitness business!

Mrs. Sadie Mae Hawkes 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Where do I even start, we've been coming here for years. I have two children and the nest is incredible with your children. I've never been so motivated to work out with all the beautiful humans walking around. The staff is incredible the trainers are insanely amazing I had to trainers Nicole and Jason I highly suggest those two.

Katie Strong 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have been at Treehouse now for almost 4 years. I even moved just over a year ago and now it's a little further for me but I continue to go to this gym. For me what sets this gym apart from others is the group fitness schedule. I love that there are multiple choices so I can mix up my routine and I don't ever get bored. I also appreciate all the amenities provided in the locker room. I also LOVE the daycare. They work really hard to make it a fun place where kids want to come play. Whenever I watch the girls working there they are busy and involved with the kids. They are so friendly and say hello to my girls by name. I would highly recommend this gym, particularly if you stay home with your kids and need some time for yourself.

Ali Welch 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Treehouse is my favorite gym! Great layout, great instructors, a broad range of classes and times, and all the best amenities!

Nick Hurd 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: My family all goes here and we all enjoy our time. While the price is a little higher than other facilities, it is worth it for families. Everyone is always very helpful and nice.

Michelle Black 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I love how friendly everyone is. Mindi is a wonderful Monday morning motivator and Bobbi is an amazing Thursday motivator. I love going here. I also take yoga on Tuesday but there is a new instructor name Jen and she is great too but still feeling her out. All the motivation I need to get myself into shape

Heather George 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: We love treehouse! The classes, instructors, kids care, the cafe and family friendly staff is truly the best!

Thomas Beretvas 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I love the exercise machines I use them all in the winter (not the weight machines). I love the swimming pool which I use in the summer. I appreciate the free towels to be used. Sometimes some of the men's showers are on the fritz. The indoor Jacuzzi and the steam room are also great.

Vince Boothe 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: alot your work out equipment is dirty, it works well but needs deep cleaning. The drains in the bathroom have a bad smell. The cover on the pool goes up way too early and comes off too late. Nice place. I have enjoyed coming several times a week for the last 2 years. Oh yes, a ping pong table would be excellent!

Alex Bennett 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: In addition to a fantastic facility and relaxing atmosphere, the culture and vibes inside Treehouse are unlike any you'll find at another gym. All members respect the equipment and others in the gym. This community of individuals makes Treehouse one of the best in Salt Lake County.

Staci Short 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Love everything about Treehouse- people are friendly, and always helpful. It is clean and has a comfortable atmosphere.

Tom Matthew “Kitty 美しい Dazzling” Sharkey 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Wonderful staff. Nice facility. My kids love the Nest.

Reachel Bagley 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Lots of classes, great teachers, kids care that my kids want to go to.

Kent Thalman 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Expensive, but worth the price if you can afford it. Great classes, weights, pool, locker rooms.

Lexie Germaine 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: LOOOVE the Treehouse. I love the curlew, I love the worked (especially Tami) and I enjoy going there most mornings! I love that I can get ready there and pick up a snack if I need to. I love their staff, especially the teachers. Its clean and organized!!! If you like health, fitness, and community, you'd love the Treehouse!

Robin Mittenthal 7 years ago

Fantastic experience: Visited Salt Lake from out of town for a week, needed a gym. Treehouse staff very accommodating, facility and group classes excellent. Couldn't be happier, very much recommend.

Cody Best 7 years ago

Fantastic experience: I absolutely love the tree house. It is very clean, and has everything you could ever need. Being able to steam room and hot tub after each lift (in a clean tub and steamroom) is extremely beneficial.

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