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Strip Ave NW 6065
44720, Canton
+1 330-648-4419

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  • Monday: 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Thursday: 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Friday: 5:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 – 11:00 AM

If you're finding yourself struggling to maintain motivation or seeing the results you want, it may be time to reassess your approach. It can be difficult to break out of negative cycles, but by taking a step back and looking at your goals, you can find a way to move forward.

Our programs are designed to help you improve your physical and mental health in a positive group setting. You will have your own equipment and designated space, and receive guidance to help you achieve YOUR goals.

This is an amazing facility with exceptional coaching and programming for any and all levels. The equipment is top notch, the schedules are flexible, and the community is welcoming. Their proactive response to COVID is unmatched!

I am so amazed by the amount of support I feel. I am so encouraged by the amount of older women taking charge of their health and doing things that culture would say we can’t. I hope I set that kind of example for my girls too!! You and your team are amazing.

I can't even describe how confident I felt in my body. I don't think I've ever not cared about if I have a roll or if the angle makes me look thick. All thanks to you guys!!

I was at the grocery store and a stranger complimented me on my appearance and asked me where I worked out. It made me feel really good. Thank you!

The coaches at this gym are great- they're very friendly and know what they're doing. The gym itself is beautiful, and the programming is on point. The members are also very welcoming. I would recommend this gym to anyone!

This place is great! It's big and clean with awesome equipment, and the staff are super helpful and knowledgable. Everyone you meet here is super friendly and supportive.


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RTC Fitness Co.: Opinions

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Top Rated Gym
Bruce Fisher 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I started looking for new workout facilities after my CrossFit gym closed. I walked into RTC fitness and was impressed with the facility, the equipment and the atmosphere.The Staff is very friendly and helpful and the coaching is over the top. Whatever fitness goals you are striving to achieve I highly recommend you check out RTC Fitness. You won’t regret it.

Rob Wolfington 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: RTC fitness is an amazing gym. Between the community, and the facilities, it creates the best experience for everyone of all skill levels. The coaches take their time to thoroughly explain the workouts, movements, and warm ups and ensure that everyone in the class will reach the right stimulus regardless the skill level. If the class workout isn’t for you, then hit one of the open gym rooms and so your own thing. There is plenty of equipment and space to get a workout whether it’s with the class or on your own. I recommend anyone even thinking of trying CrossFit to join this gym and dive in. You won’t regret.

Thomas O'Neill 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: TLDR; if you are like me 6 months ago and reading this review to convince yourself to click the button to set up an intro, do it! I joined RTC Fitness a little over 6 months ago and it is easily the best decision I made this year. The coaches are great, every workout they help me scale if needed and help me progress in my own fitness journey. Every day is something new so it doesn't get boring. The gym has the best quality equipment and is always clean (like really clean). The staff, coaches and members are all welcoming and supportive. Classes are well organized and have a purpose. We start out with a warm up, then usually progress to a weightlifting or skill focus followed by a metcon, all done in an hour! I've been able to learn all sorts of new gymnastics and weight lifting movements with the help of the coaches. If you're like me and have a lot of anxiety about walking into a gym for the first time, give RTC Fittness a try. Joining was the best decision I made in 2022.

Kyle Dingler 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: If you’re serious about your health and fitness in any way, whether it be for performance or health or just to have friends to motivate you to make positive change, RTC is unmatched in the area. There is no place better.

Katie Marela 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I've done the pause suite at RTC a few times and it is amazing. I have rheumatoid arthritis and struggle with energy and muscle soreness. The cold bath / sauna contrast is intense, but the mental clarity and energy afterwards make it worth it. I'll definitely be making this part of my regular self care routine!

Sandra Youngblood 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: RTC is truly a gym with no judgement and members of all levels. They want you as a member, but don't need you as a member is their greatest asset along with central location and expert staff. Their dedicated staff are there to help guide and support whatever route you decide to take at RTC whether its Personal training, CrossFit, or nutrition coaching or all three. Quality, is the one word I would use to describe this gym and it's members. Your local YMCA might be comparable to a Walmart but this place is a Trader Joe's.

Mindy Miller 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I found RTC fitness after having my second kiddo and just really struggling with my relationship with food choices and finding time to take care of me with everyday life. I enrolled in the nutritional program and never had a bad experience, I had weekly check ins with Coach Allie and she was always available to answer questions about fitness/macros/anything really, I ended up doing 6 months on that program and it really set me forward for continued success in my relationship with food and given me so much more confidence that I was struggling with before! I since then have become a member for their CrossFit program. I was so nervous to even walk through those doors, but everyone has been so kind to me for have never done CrossFit before. I can’t wait until I am able to go more often and learn more from the coaches and members. It really is accommodating for every fitness level! I am so happy I found RTC! It’s a hidden gem that has changed my life for the better :)

Nicole Weiss 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I am so happy I found RTC. The coaches are truly amazing and have helped me come a long way with my fitness. You will not regret walking in the doors.

Aaron Carmine 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Actions over words, they prove daily that they are head and shoulders above the rest in the Canton and surrounding areas. The coaches are all extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help you reach your individual goals. The owner is always excited to be there, and takes interest in everyone that comes through the door. Not to mention the cleanliness is off the charts for someplace with as high a volume of people as it has.

Heather Weekley 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: If you are new to working out or training for a upcoming competition and everything in between this is the place for you! I started at RTC about a year ago and instantly loved it. Everything was “new” to me but they concentrate on “working hard, being nice” and most importantly correct form so you do not hurt yourself. Unfortunately I had a family emergency come up that has made me take a long break from the gym. That being said I have never missed a place like I do RTC. Once I am able to go back to the gym RTC will be the only gym I want to go to. If you are debating calling do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment. You will love it:)

Stacie Smith 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: RTC is by far the best gym I have ever been a member of. If you want to be a part of an actual FitFam, this is the place to be. Everyone is so nice and encouraging to each other and willing to help others. Even though it is Crossfit, they are VERY particular on safety and correct form. Starting this gym I was so depressed and my self esteem was so low but not anymore. The changes I have seen with my body shape and mental state in only a few short months is astounding and I feel so much better about myself and I never want to miss a workout. If you want to find your forever gym, RTC is it.

Brittany Scheeff 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: A few months ago, I had hit a wall with training following the birth of my 4th child. No matter what I tried, I was not finding joy in fitness anymore. I decided to try a change of scenery and wow, am I glad I did. From the moment I walked into RTC, I felt welcomed, encouraged, and genuinely happy. RTC has become a home away from home for me and my entire family. You won’t find a more welcoming and warm gym in the area!! The community is top notch and makes you feel as if you’ve been there for years!

Greg O 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Been here 8 months now and one of the best decisions I ever made. I was scared/nervous about crossfit before joining but I am now in love with it and there is no better place in Ohio to start a new fitness or crossfit journey at. Best equipment, best coaches, best community and my results have been amazing loving the way rtc is changing my body and mind.

Lauren Birmingham 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: RTC is an incredibly fun, welcoming, and professional gym. I do the CrossFit classes here and the coaching is top notch, professional, and tailored to your needs. The community is also very fun and upbeat. Everyone fits in here-- whether you are a seasoned athlete, a time-constrained professional, a busy parent, or someone who is new to fitness-- you will be in good company. The gym has a wide variety of well-maintained, good quality equipment. The facility is clean and large. The restrooms are clean and well-stocked with the things you forgot at home (deodorant, hair ties, dry shampoo, etc)-- and there are showers (that are clean!). There's even a coffee bar with nitro brew-- and plenty of snacks, drinks, nutritional supplements, and apparel are available for purchase. Ample parking. The gym runs lots of special classes and events throughout the year so you won't fall into a rut or get bored here. Honestly-- if you're thinking about giving CrossFit or group fitness classes a try, you won't find a better gym.

Makenzie Smith 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: It’s coming up on 2 years since joining RTC & I am So grateful I took that leap! Down 45 lbs, while gaining muscle AND having fun! Having dropped into other CrossFit boxes I can without a doubt say that RTC is the best of the best. Incredible coaches, top of the line equipment, clean, bathrooms are stocked with toiletries. They offer a kids class that my little one participates in and loves! If you’re ready for a life changing experience come check out RTC.

Michelle Kendel 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: The RTC culture is so encouraging and unique; it truly is a lifestyle. Out of everyone on my feed, the RTC members are the ONLY people posting updates on their physical and nutritional being. It's very encouraging to see how RTC has given the guidance that people need to actually take better care of themselves and their family. That's a sign of a great gym; it makes an impact in and OUTSIDE of its walls♥️

Lauren Ozanich 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Hands down the best place. It’s more than a gym. Sure, you get super fit, and strong and literally whatever any of your goals are because the coaches ASK and care and get you there. But it’s a second home to many; you’ll make friends you didn’t know you needed and have some of the best laughs and most fun, all WHILE getting healthier. Not sure why you’re still reading reviews and not just visiting and signing up- get on with it already! ‍♀️ Updated review: I joined the class side of RTC because I was looking for the coaching and community and it has beyond exceeded my expectations. Great coaches who take their time to educate and motivate, fellow members who are encouraging and fun, and a super clean and completely stocked physical space to work out in, RTC is a dream come true. LOVE this gym! I'm a member of the 24/7 access side, which is a smaller "do-it-yourself" gym with PLENTY of equipment. I have access to the WOD's that are programmed for the main gym, and can choose to do that, or make up my own workout. Being able to go in whenever is convenient and utilize all the great equipment and space is such a great option.

Chris Hout 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: 3/2022UPDATE: This gym has done something special to me. It's taught me a lot more than working out or lifting heavy things. It's a family with a highly dedicated owner and coaches who love to be part of it and teach how we can all grow from one another. It's contagious and can't get enough! It's only been a little over a year and I can say I have healthily grown a lot more than physically. I realized within the past few months I have found a new passion! A new way of thinking, acting, and taking care of myself and others! It's given me accessible goals, physically yes, but emotionally and mentally as well! It's like being part of a new family that really tries to push your limits, but takes care of one another doing so . It sounds wierd, but its freaking cool, and game changing experiences, lol! I never knew there was a place like this practically in our back yard. The community is what makes this place and its core values are what keep it together; Show up, Work hard and be nice to people. As simple as those value sound its what makes this gym great and continously grow together. The heart and dedication and commitment that goes into this place are seriously phenomenal! The friendships formed here are truly awesome and make you keep coming back. I never really thought i could find something to give me another passion about, which is crossfit, but this place is what made it happen. Thank you RTC and love you all! Positive, motivated, fun, friendly, and worth it! ...RTC Fitness has become a part of my life, almost like another limb to me. This gym has been nothing but decent to me and pushes me every day, in and out of the gym! I love it here and you will too! I'm a LIFER all the way! Thanks RTC and way to always keep it fun and comfortable!

Erica Kendel 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I cannot express how much RTC helped me! It’s made me a stronger, more confident person who feels like she can do anything! Born with a condition known as CP, I thought I wouldn’t be able to join this gym because of my physical restrictions but I have been able to somehow push past these “restrictions” and been able to impress and improve myself for the better! The whole environment, people (trainers, workers and other people working out) have been so kind to me and make me feel like part of a team! They definitely “work hard and be nice!”

Michael Radosevic 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Best gym around! Knowledgeable coaches to assist with beginner and intermediate members. This gym is a community that welcomes all!

Katie Cheatham 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've done the pause suite at RTC a few times and it is amazing. I have rheumatoid arthritis and struggle with energy and muscle soreness. The cold bath / sauna contrast is intense, but the mental clarity and energy afterwards make it worth it. I'll definitely be making this part of my regular self care routine!

Alexandria Nichole 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: The atmosphere is amazing! The people are so friendly and helpful! This gym has gotten me into the best shape of my life!

Kevin Kidd 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: This is a special place. With the help of others trying to do the same I’ve grown so much in my personal health. I’ve been to quite a few gyms and this is the best by far. Happy to be apart of it.

cari evans 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Great gym whether you are a beginner or addicted! You do you with the help of great coaches and others who are on their own journey. If you are looking for a fit family, I highly recommend RTC!

Victoria Carafelli 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Amazing gym! Coaches and staff are all incredibly helpful and kind. Appropriate for all skill levels. It feels like one big family!

Jen W 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: This is the cleanest, most well organized gym!! Not only are the coaches phenomenal, the people are so friendly and helpful! I love coming here and having the positive atmosphere!! The workouts are always different and challenging for whatever level you are!! The coaches want you to succeed, they will go above and beyond to help you! I am so happy I came here and can’t wait to see the progress I’ll make!

Jason Miller 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: My past gym experiences were never successful because I always felt intimidated or ill prepared to work out to the best of my ability in a safe manner. Past gyms assumed I knew what I was doing and never stuck with me. RTC is better. The coaches at RTC are VERY Friendly, helpful, and encouraging when they meet you where are you are in your fitness journey and encourage you to just keep working at becoming a better you. Whether you are experienced or new, the enthusiasm and team atmosphere keeps you motivated and wanting to come back every time.

Angela Miller 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: There really are no words for how uniquely amazing RTC is. They are everything a gym should be (clean, professional, well-equipped) wrapped in a caliber of community, training, and support that is almost impossible to fathom. I was not an athlete (EVER). Allie, George, and all of the coaches have journeyed with me to become someone I couldn’t even imagine 9 months ago. They are literally the best thing that came into my life in 2020.

Samantha Ledford 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have been a member for over 2 years now and joining RTC is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I have completely changed physically and mentally and am the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. Everyone is so kind and the coaches are the best in the business. The facility is beautiful, clean and organized. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Lauren Graham 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: If you are looking to start or continue with your fitness journey, RTC fitness is the right place for you. I have been a member for a year now, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. The coaches are so knowledgeable and adapt each and every workout to your personal needs. I have made more gains at RTC in one year, than the previous two years with various trainers. RTC is more than just a gym, it is a life changing experience. Do yourself a favor and check it out! You won’t regret it!

Christina Paskiet 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Everyone here is so welcoming and supportive! They are happy to answer questions, and take time in each class to make sure each person is getting a workout that's best for them. The coaches are also very knowledgeable and teach everyone how to do each movement safely during every class.

Jerrica Thomas 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: RTC is the perfect place! Quality coaching, programming, and communication. Kids of all ages are welcome, have a great place to hang out and play. The members offer an inclusive community that encourages your success. I’ve never looked forward to going to the gym like I do since I found RTC! It’s my favorite hour (sometimes longer, because we don’t want to leave) of the day!

Sara Lynn 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Every single aspect of RTC is amazing. The coaches are friendly, intelligent, caring, supportive, and all around awesome. It’s the only Crossfit I’ve been to that has a safe place for my child to play, a shower, a changing room, cold towels, a huge space to workout without feeling cramped. They have lots of nutritional product on hand for sale as well as individual healthy snacks and drinks to buy for before or after workouts. I could go on and on about all the pros to this place.

Steve Davis 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have been a member of RTC for a year. Prior to RTC I didn’t know anything about CrossFit except what I saw online. I joined RTC because of the beautiful facilities, friendly people and the knowledgeable owner, Allie Sholley. The coaches at RTC embrace all who are new to CrossFit. They will work with you daily on strategies and techniques to help you in your workout. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with athletes that have been doing CrossFit for years. Your coach will modify/scale your workout to your current abilities. Prior to starting group classes you have the opportunity to learn basic techniques one on one with a coach. It’s a great time to understand CrossFit basics, learn about the facility and start to meet new people. The coaches and people who workout at RTC is the best part. It’s a family focused on encouraging and supporting others.

holly thomas 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: RTC has everything you need in a gym! Great hours, all the equipment and most importantly to me, professional and caring coaches. Rtc has quickly become my home away from home.

Stephanie Irwin 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've been a member of RTC for 1 1/2 years now, and each day, I find something new to love about my gym. The community is welcoming, encouraging, and INCLUSIVE, the coaches go above and beyond to train clients proper form and technique, the facility is pristine (Covid measures exceeded mandated protocols, but RTC is always incredibly clean), the environment is family friendly, and I've learned so much, not just about Olympic lifting, but about myself. Owner and coach Allie Sholley continuously invests in the facility, keeping in mind the needs and goals of her clientele, and the equipment and programming just get better and better. I could write more about what makes RTC so special, but you have to experience it for yourself to believe. Try a free class; you won't regret it. I guarantee that you'll want to become a part of the RTC family, and once you are, you'll call RTC home.

Christine Ferrante 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality The coaches and staff are amazing! One of the cleanest facilities I’ve ever been in. RTC is a gym full of liked-minded people: we all want to “work hard and be nice”.

Jeff Snyder 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I can’t say enough about this gym. I came here the most out of shape I’ve been in my life an very intimidated at the thought of doing CrossFit. This place is amazing!!! The coaches are awesome and care about you and your success. Don’t worry about going here and trying keep up with workouts they do an awesome job at scaling you workout to meet you where you are and in no time you will notice progress. Hands down the best gym I’ve ever been a part of. I’m glad to say I’m a member of RTC Fitness!!

Nicholas Kotch 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've been a member here for a few months now. I've been to most every other gym in the area, and this is by far the most outstanding in terms of community, professionalism and quality of the services they provide. What you should do is stop reading this review and go to RTC and see it for yourself. As soon as you step inside, you'll know you're on the right track. Spotless, top of line facilty that is only expanding. The coaching staff have actual, TRUE knowledge around fitness and can easily guide anyone in the right direction no matter the skill level. From beginner to expert, make RTC your new home if you live within 45 minutes of this business.

Chad Davis 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality This is one of the best gyms I've been to. They have all the equipment you need, the staff are friendly and will help you with anything. They also have 24/7 access! The price is really affordable, just go in and ask for Allie and she'll get you signed up!

Michelle Parker 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Professionalism , Quality I travel the country and drop in to gyms everywhere I go and nothing compares to RTC. The coaches are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, the facility is always clean with the newest, well maintained equipment, and you will not find a better community of people!

Jeanine Booker 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Update: I been with RTC over a year now and everything I said a year ago still rings true (see below). The RTC staff has gone above and beyond to keep its members involved, moving, and healthy even during this crazy year. From Zoom workouts and loaning out equipment when the gym was shut down, to extra sanitizing and social distancing when it was able to open back up. I'm so glad I found my RTC family! Allie and her team run an excellent gym. The facility and equipment are top notch. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the members are welcoming. The gym is kid friendly with a space designated for the kids to hang out, play, or watch Disney plus. The building is situated on the local college campus, so the grounds are well maintained and well lit, even for running after dark (or before sunrise for the early birds). Trainers are very creative in scaling every workout to every ability level. Lots of little bonuses, like a coffee bar, cold towels available after the workout, and plenty of other drinks, energy bars and merchandise for purchase. They've thought of everything!

Lauren Hmiel 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've been at coaching at this gym for over a year now. To see the growth it has made and the relationships/camaraderie built has never made a place feel more like a home away from home. I couldn't have been more blessed to have found a place where everyone is welcome and fitness is our lifestyle.

Rachelle Bailey 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: If you are looking for a fit fam that will support you, help you grow, and cheer you on then look no further. When I decided to take the steps to get healthier and improve my fitness, I chose RTC and I am so glad I did! The staff is extremely knowledgeable, the facility is clean, and the members are inviting & kind. I have found a place that wants nothing more than to help me reach my goals and do so safely! The motto says it all - work hard & be nice to people.

Darren Hudach 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I highly recommend this gym. There are several things that make a great gym. A nice and functional space. Equipment. Amenities. Class offerings and programming. RTC is top notch for all of the above. But what really makes a gym is the people. Every coach, staff member, and person I have met is kind, knowledgeable, and cares. I have personally seen great results and look forward to going to the gym every day. I have also never done Cross Fit before and can say that some of the preconceived notions - too hard, injury prone, etc. are wrong. There are other types of classes as well! Give it a try, you won't regret it!

Valerie Batcho 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: The first thing I noticed about RTC was how clean it was! Big plus!! The moment I walked in all of the coaches and members were so welcoming. I felt right at home from day 1! If you are wanting a clean gym, great programming, and even better coaches, than RTC is right for you! Thank you RTC for living by what you preach "work hard and be nice to people!"

Macy DiNardo 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: RTC has been such a blessing in my life, the facility is high end and the owner is always doing everything she can to make sure it is functioning for her members. The coach’s are very educated on CrossFit and ALWAYS take the extra effort to accommodate members if necessary for workouts. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I started CrossFit almost four months ago and I have had more progress than I could have ever imagined, thanks to RTC!

Lauren Friedman 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality RTC is the best gym I have ever been to! The coaches are so helpful and willing to put in extra time to help you achieve your goals. I have learned so much about working out and proper form for weight lifting. The best part is the community of members you WILL make friends and have a great time.

Piper Sereno 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: This is by far the best gym in the area. The space and the coaches are amazing, and I learn something new every workout. RTC has been going above and beyond during the pandemic making sure the space is clean and the athletes are safe and spread out. Our temperature is taken at the door and everyone pitches in to clean off equipment. This is one of the only places I feel completely safe going to during this time!

Cody Schapson 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I started RTC’s 6 week fitness challenge and I’m so impressed! All of the coaches are very knowledgeable and accessible. The workouts are beginner friendly and all of the coaches have been so supportive and positive! I highly recommend giving this gym a try!

Jenny Dobrea 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: RTC is an amazing gym full of top notch equipment, knowledgeable coaches, and a welcoming community. The coaches are friendly and highly skilled in helping people of ALL fitness levels achieve their goals. I love that this gym has so much to offer including CrossFit classes, personal training, kids classes, a 24/7 hour facility, and other specialty classes as well. The coffee bar is an added bonus!

Boy Mom 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: BEST. GYM. EVER. I was really reluctant to enter the CrossFit world based on my own perception of not being able to do it. Every aspect of this gym is incredible. The owner, the trainers, the people are just amazing and it feels like home away from home. For the first time in my life I look forward to going!! So glad I went against my own insecurities and self doubt! Again, BEST GYM EVER!!!

Jon Miller 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Easily the nicest gym I’ve ever been in. Bright light from all the windows; the gear is in top condition; plenty of storage space for gear; lots of floor space; dedicated kids space; even a whole coffee bar! The programming is outstanding. Everyday has something new, and it’s always something that pushes you without hurting you. Allie and her team are terrific. They know how to coach and keep it fun.

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