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Augusta St 2227
29605, Greenville
+1 864-345-7800

Opening hours

  • Monday: 5:15 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:15 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:15 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:15 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 5:15 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:30 – 10:30 AM
  • Sunday: Closed

We offer excellent personal training, small group fitness training, and athlete training programs that are perfect for anyone looking to improve their health, lose weight, or get a great workout. Learn more about our fitness programs in Greenville today!


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Iron Tribe Fitness - Greenville: Opinions

5/5 (32 Opinions)
Joseph Paradise 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Toni Cato 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: The personal attention given by all employees of Irontribe has just been amazing. All I have met are professional, personable, and most willing to help me reach my personal goals.

David Gray 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I appreciate the personal attention and getting right to business when it's time. The coaches are great!

Adam Price 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Fantastic coaching with a group that makes you feel welcome!

Mike Griffin 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Awsome work out. Fun fast

Mike Davies 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Nic Hartke 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Iron Tribe has been amazing! I highly recommend this gym and at the very least, you should do the 6 Week Challenge. Everyone, yes, EVERYONE at the gym is nice, approachable and encourages one another to be successful. This is not an in your face, yelling at you to get one more environment. They focus on making sure you get the form and movement down correctly before every workout. Form over weight every time. The app is great for scheduling your classes and if you have questions, all you have to do is ask. Looking forward to being a member for a long time.

Paul Bourbeau, AIA 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Professionalism The coaches are super friendly and the members are great. A real family atmoshphere

Michael Cottingham 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality This is the best gym experience I've ever had! I always struggled with getting in shape and the coaches at Iron Tribe - Greenville helped me stay encouraged and grow with everything from weight training to cardio. Just wish there was an Iron Tribe in my new city :)

Craig Hooks 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: The best place to meet your fitness goals in Greenville, SC.

Courtney Worley 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Iron Tribe is not only a fantastic workout, with variety and great coaches, but a wonderful community of people that always push you to be and do your best. I highly recommend anyone to try it out!

Butler Evers 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: As a running/stationary bike/weight machine/tennis kind of 'athlete' coming in to the 101 Class, I was intimidated to say the least. All I can say is don't be. The coaches and team here will teach you everything you need to know and help every step of the way. Definitely check your Ego at the door as it can be humbling experience, but in the best way. In the past I would have left classes like this ticked at my failures and just go back to my corner of the gym where it was safe. While I may still get ticked at myself, this place will give you the power to tell yourself to shut it and make you want to go right back at it. Early on in my time here and still learning, but excited to see where it goes. Everyone I've met are good people. Give it a whirl, could be just what you've been looking for. It has for me.

Shannon Henderson 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: If you’re looking to challenge yourself and step up your fitness game, then Iron Tribe is the way to go! I love being a part of the Iron Tribe family. The coaches are amazing, knowledgeable, friendly and so supportive and helpful and care about our personal lives as well. They encourage and push you when you think you can’t give anymore. The community of members is very uplifting and keeps me motivated to come consistently.

Michele Cole 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Iron Tribe is a great place to walk in the door as a newbie and leave feeling great. Meagan was awesome helping me overcome my mental fear of being new. I’m excited for my new path.

mike henderson 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Great fitness club and instructors. Take the challenge and you'll be thankful for it.

Lina Moreno 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Awesome place

Chelsea Callis 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: The past 5 weeks working out here have been so much fun! The coaches are so helpful and encouraging, and the members are too! I really enjoy the variety in the workouts and feel so great after each class! The nutrition coaching has been helpful too as that is an area I struggle to maintain on my own!

Preston Oglesby 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Iron Tribe has been a great experience and the staff is amazing. All of the workouts can be tailored to fit your needs and fitness levels. I highly recommend everyone to try it out! #itfgreenville

Blair Hartney 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I first was introduced to irontribe in a 6 week partner challenge and have absolutely had a blast. I LOVE the atmosphere that they have here at ITF. Unlike many of the other gyms, classes, etc... I have tried I feel that irontribe is the most well rounded experience. I know everyday I walk in the door I can expect a hard workout, coaches to welcome and cheer me on and nutrition information to support a healthy lifestyle. Irontribe definitely had brought the inner athlete out in me!!

Tami W 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have been going to Iron Tribe for a year and a half now. Working out is something I enjoy and have been doing pretty much my whole life. Iron Tribe has kicked those workouts up a notch or two...or seven. The workouts are never dull and always challenging. The coaches’ enthusiasm, variety of workouts, and my fellow tribe members keep me coming back for more! #whyitribe #itfgreenville

Reagan File Bonnette 5 years ago

Positive experience: I remember how hard it was to look at my husband, barely a year into our marriage, after he had lost his Mom & tell him I was depressed. I felt guilty.....I felt selfish. I was no longer teetering on the edge of the rabbit hole, I was in it. I knew I couldn't go any further ignoring it, I had to start the excruciating pain of climbing out. Two days later, I showed up at Iron Tribe. Anyone close to me knows that 8 years ago working out become extremely important to me. I spent a lot of time planning meals & workouts. It was habit. With all the plates we were juggling last year, I had let myself fall out of love with exercise. I knew myself well enough to know that I was too tired & too emotionally beat up to do it on my own. I needed help. So I asked for it. I was nervous, I had never loved group workouts before. I am a introvert and I relished being alone in a gym, having that space for myself in a overly communicative life. I was told to give Iron Tribe three months. Three months and if I hated it, I could quit. Believe me, I thought about it. After the initial workout evaluation, I cried in my car on the way to work. I was angry, I was self loathing. I had let myself down & I couldn't believe I was in this position again. I had worked so hard way back when and I had maintained it. Now, here I was, basically starting over again. But I kept trying and with every encouraging word or hand written card from a coach, high five or "we did it!" from a classmate, it finally clicked. Four months after I had joined,I fell back in love with the gym. I remember the workout that reignited the fire, the coaches that were there, the smile on my face. I got in the car and cried again, this time from joy/relief. I had regained something back for myself and I am truly thankful to be a part of this gym.It's never easy, but it is always worth it.

Melton Arant 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: This is an amazing fitness program. I have struggled with diet and workout for several years. This has been the first place that helped me combine both and feel like I had control of my health. The staff are knowledgeable, polite and helpful. In just two weeks I lost weight, had control of my diet, and much more energy.

Anne Moore 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I get up at 4:40 a.m. every weekday to make the 5:15 class. That alone says a lot, but I'll say more. Each Iron Tribe workout combines strength training and cardio to ensure you maximize your fat-burning potential both inside and outside of the gym. The coaches are knowledgeable and supportive, and fellow Tribe members are encouraging (even at 5 o'clock in the morning). Tribe members compete, but the competition is good-natured and uplifting rather than unnecessarily aggressive. If you're looking for a challenging workout routine to move you beyond your comfort zone Iron Tribe is for you.

Caroline Chandler 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I started doing Iron Tribe through the 6 week challenge. I am now on my last week and LOVE IT! I never dread going to work out, the staff is super encouraging and they make you feel good during the workout. Iron tribe is for all ages and levels. The coaches really work with you on alternate movements if needed. Great strengthening and cardio each workout. 10/10 would recommend to a friend!!

Michael Nelson 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I can't say enough about the community here! The people here are amazing, and the community truly goes beyond just a workout. The coaches will push you to get the most out of yourself, and go way out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. They always make workouts fun and challenging. I highly recommend this gym!

KoKo Covington 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I decided to give Iron Tribe a try because I had a baby 9 months ago and I hadn't been able to lose the last 10 pounds or get my muscle tone back. In 5 short weeks my body has slimmed out more than I expected, I have gained lean muscle, and I have gained a ton of confidence I lost after having a baby. The coaches are so encouraging and working out with other people pushes me to work way harder than I ever used to on my own. The workouts are different every day so boredom is never an issue, and each exercise can be scaled for your fitness level or for an injury. I have been battling a lower back injury for the last 4 years, so I was a little nervous to do the workouts at first, but the coaches are very knowledgeable about movement patterns and have helped me make sure I'm doing the exercises safely. My back is actually the best it has been in years because they have helped me strengthen it so much. I am so glad I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and give Iron Tribe a try!

Taylor Harper 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I joined Irontribe a year ago this month and I can’t say enough great things about it. I walked in apprehensive and out of shape. The coaches and the people are always encouraging and always welcoming. When you miss, people miss you. When you gain a small step, they are just as proud as you are. I’m never going to say it’s easy, because it’s definitely anything but easy. It will challenge you and break you but it changes you for the best. Irontribe is the best decision my sister encouraged me to make. It’s more than a gym, it’s a family. #itfgreenville #itfteamchallenge

Jenna Robinson 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I just completed the Iron Tribe 6 week challenge and am loving the results! I did not reach the set goal but I am feeling better then ever and have much more confidence. The first three weeks of class teach you the various movements and have you focus more on form. The last three weeks are regular classes which are a little longer/harder workouts. If you are serious about getting into shape this will motivate you to do so.

Gaston Mooney 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Only gym I have ever really stuck with. Lots of fun, great people, great team. Well worth the investment. Iron Tribe at Augusta has become daily part of my life and I love it.

Brendan Gower 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have been a member for 3 years and I genuinely look forward to working out there. It provides a great, high intensity, varied workout - something I would not be able to do on my own. The culture, community, and great coaches keep me motivated to keep getting better!

Layona Morris 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Great place and people

Hardy Auston 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Great atmosphere for working out!

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