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Zimborski Ave 8451
20755, Fort Meade
+1 301-677-2402

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Cerrado temporalmente
Gym - Murphy Field House has not yet filled in its description.

The following items are found at a gym: racquets, balls, goggles, weight belts, racquetball, court, basketball, volleyball, cardio, weights, sauna, lockers, and showers, aerobics.

The reservation period is one hour, starting on the hour. You can only make one reservation per person per day. You have a 15-minute grace period before the court is open. If you're an authorized patron, you can call the same day for a reservation according to the schedule.

Active-duty military members, reservists, retirees, and their family members with a military ID card are eligible for benefits, as are DOD civilians, retired DOD civilians, and their immediate dependents up to 21 years of age.

The Gaffney and Murphy Fitness Centers are funded entirely by government appropriations, which are based on the number of active-duty service members at the installation. However, this does not take into account the wear and tear of the facilities from the large number of people using them. As a result, the Department of Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (DFMWR) is jeopardizing its ability to provide a first-class fitness center for active-duty service members. To solve this problem, DFMWR must change its eligibility standards for both facilities.

Our top priority is making sure our service members are "Mission Ready." Thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we're going through this transition.

Children who are 13-17 years old may use the fitness center if they are accompanied by an adult who is authorized to be there. The child must have some form of identification that shows their age in order to enter the facility. The adult must stay with the child at all times.

Children aged 13-17 must be able to swim 300m continuously without assistance or training equipment to participate in lap swimming hours.

The person using the fitness center and field house is responsible for their own belongings. MWR will not be held responsible for any property that is lost or stolen. Please bring your own lock for lockers. Staff are not responsible for safeguarding personal property.

The use of foul language, yelling, fighting, or heated arguments is not tolerated at any time for any reason. Gaffney/Murphy staff will handle inappropriate behavior in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.

Murphy Field House is now offering patrons extended hours beyond normal operating hours. Murphy Field House will be open 24/7 to authorized registered patrons 18 years and older.

The G9 division is responsible for coming up with and carrying out programs that improve morale, welfare, and recreation for Army personnel. These programs are designed to help keep soldiers ready and resilient in the face of global challenges.


Gym - Murphy Field House has not yet filled in its description.

Services, Machines and Guided Classes

Swimming pool

Gym - Murphy Field House: Opinions

3.8/5 (26 Opinions)
Donald Degrace 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I'm

Sebastian Hart 3 years ago

Positive experience: It's been closed due to covid

Glen West 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Ballin in this gym every Sat morning

Guilliano Janvier 4 years ago

Positive experience: Very small and congested gym.

T. Lynch 4 years ago

Positive experience: It's a gym.

Jb M 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Very well maintained gym

Kent Denmon 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Everytime I go, the gym is not crowded. Big thumbs up on that!

Kenneth Molina 5 years ago

Positive experience: It's more of a basketball court than a gym. There's a small weight lifting area and cardio area. Otherwise it's fine. Maybe not so much for someone who's looking for a full gym

Miah Nielsen 5 years ago

Positive experience: Weight room is mainly machines, but there's a gym and saunas besides the weight room.

A M 5 years ago

Positive experience: A small gym but basketball courts that have open play on Saturday. You can sign up and get in line to play full court, but be ready because there are some good players. There is a section with treadmills and bikes, general cardio, but not much in the way of weights. You're better off going to Gaffney for a full workout with weights.

Joshua Suckiel 5 years ago

Positive experience: Great place to workout, not a busy place. Clean and employees are polite.

Tim ONeil 5 years ago

Positive experience: Just what you need for a workout

Charlito 5 years ago

Positive experience: Fun place

Vince Paul 5 years ago

Positive experience: Poor ventilation (and no A/C) on the basketball courts. Can make the place seem like a sauna on warmer days. The locker room and weight rooms are fine though.

Wendell Mason 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Balling on Mon,Wed,and Fridays. Workout every other day.

Carrnell Baskerville 6 years ago

Positive experience: It fails to support children under 15 and they have no other indoor gymnasiums

Caseem Tyler 6 years ago

Positive experience: The "basketball culture" here takes some getting used to. Play to 9 or for 9 minutes. 2 full courts but every body only likes to play on one. Staff tries to get people to play on the other courts when its crowded. Super crowded on saturday's. Hours vary and aren't consistent for casual play.

Salvatore Formica 6 years ago

Positive experience: An older facility dating to the '60's, but well-kept; neat & impressively clean! The shower stalls look new and are much better than the shower points at Tan Son Nhut.

Roxanne G 6 years ago

Positive experience: Not too busy

Bryan S 6 years ago

Positive experience: Kind of a run down, dilapidated gym. They're supposed to be completing some renovations and replacing some of their old equipment though.

Michael Murphy 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: New weight area. Clean. Professional staff.

Richard Stowell 6 years ago

Positive experience: Murphy is an old-school field house. It's got an arched lattice roof and plenty of space, but the ventilation isn't great. They got huge fans to move the air with, but they are extremely loud, so it's difficult to do group activities that require talking. On the other hand, there is a lot to do for such a small gym. Two full sized basketball courts, plus a couple of exercise rooms and some weight equipment in the middle.

Bj Robinson 6 years ago

Positive experience: A good older facility that needs updating.

Mike C 6 years ago

Positive experience: No free weights but good for balling

Val H 6 years ago

Positive experience: Clean floors a 2nd change rooms. But very strict in equipment and sports you can play.

J-Nick Musik 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Racquetball courts, basketball courts, and various shape rooms, great gym

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