Information about Crunch Fitness - Daytona Beach

N Nova Rd 290
32114, Daytona Beach
+1 386-293-0310

Opening hours

  • Monday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Crunch is a full-spectrum gym with state-of-the-art equipment, personal training, and over 200 fitness classes. You can view our Daytona Beach location here.


Crunch Fitness - Daytona Beach has not yet filled in its description.

Crunch Fitness - Daytona Beach: Opinions

Icp Gibson 11 months ago

Very clean and organized. Very friendly employees

Linda Ballard 11 months ago

Loved my workout at Crunch Fitness! Very clean , friendly staff and excellent equipment! Lots of unique pieces and plenty of free weights ( my personal favorite) and benches. Has a great area too to do some CrossFit exercises. Offers classes as well. This location is very far from where I live but if they ever open in Palm Coast , I will be the first to join. Go by and check it out , then join and enjoy!

salvador miranda 11 months ago

Love so far great classes

Hulk Goal 1 year ago

Best gym in town. Honestly Crunch have better equipments and more weights. Price so cheap can't beat it

Steve Sliwa 1 year ago

Great Gym, many amenities. Awesome equipment. Check out the red light therapy room for fast recovery.

Blue Iguana 1 year ago

Love my morning hiit class!!!

Melissa Bernacet 1 year ago

Members need to clean up after themselves. Leaving your sweat is disgusting. They have the toold to clean. Maybe that should be enforced.

CEO Colbert 1 year ago

Nice massage chairs Can't wait until it opens

Antoinette Walder 1 year ago

Best gym in Daytona hands down! Don’t waste your money on LA fitness! I have a kid and I trust these people here at crunch to watch them. Over at LA, they don’t require training OR infant CPR/CPR AT ALL! Here, they train their employees for kids care and they actually play with your kids instead of play on their phones! Staff is always friendly, place is always clean and the people who go to the gym don’t make you feel like you don’t belong. If there is equipment broken or parts missing, it’s usually not the managers fault! They are struggling with getting parts everywhere, so be understanding! They work hard and are great!

Daniel Files 1 year ago

CLEANEST gym in the area, even though the outside isn't the prettiest. And the sauna is ALWAYS working, unlike many others.

Abdullah Afridi 1 year ago

Really nice gym! Generally spacious, especially the large studio room and stretching zone! And the sauna is large.

Victoria Perry 1 year ago

Crunch in Daytona is awesome! Jen and Dianthe are amazing instructors! Definitely recommend taking the spin classes. Gym is clean and the staff is very friendly!

Tana Rains 1 year ago

Excellent assortment of equipment spotless facility it's a very colorful environment as the machines are blue the balls are colorful it's inviting.. and..very friendly, helpful ..staff.. so many things to do here .. ropes punching bags h i i t zone, cycling classes all sorts of classes.. red light sauna, red light body shaper Hydro Beds, tanning beds.. really really awesome gym friendly people who attended also ..Nice

joana8662 1 year ago

Variety of workout machines. Great classes!!! Massage chairs available! Great service.

ed odell 1 year ago

Been working out sense 1977 this crunch fitness In east Daytona is truly one of the best A++ Professional friendly staff A++ Latest technology cardio equipment A+ Latest workout equipment A++ TRX /punching bags /Rope pull/Group fitness Cycle classes/kiddy gym for granddaughter/ Great pricing/wonderful club members/ Gold's gym LA fitness old brands You could be in trouble

Jasper R Curry 1 year ago

Huge gym with everything you need.

Deb 1 year ago

I enjoy working out in this place. The staff is great customer service skills. It's a clean environment bathrooms are very clean. People respectful trainers are respectful. The equipment works very well I get a great workout from working on this place. And you can take showers and get cleaned up before you leave so you don't smell lol. They have this massage chair in the back. Be careful not to close your eyes because it will put you to sleep. Overall excellent place to go work out excellent experience better than planning Fitness I think overall.

Terence Anderson II 1 year ago

Great atmosphere

Dan Jackson 1 year ago

The NEWEST Gym in town! Lots of Young Folks! Especially from Midland High School, Daytona State College and Emery Riddle Aeronautics University‍✈️ ‍ ‍

Mob Psycho 1 year ago

What an excellent gym! This young lad named Connor Humphreys saved my life. I was using the hack squat and i couldn’t get the last rep, when mr humphreys came and pushed the weight up with a single hand! Incredible gym, i owe him my life

J H 1 year ago

I’d give it 5 stars if it had more squat racks..

Elijah Punter 1 year ago

Clean polite staff, no equipment screws laying around like at golds gym. Several muay thai style heavy bags and Olympic style lifting stations. I would love to teach a boxing cardio class there.

Alvin Aplus March 1 year ago

I love this place good environment great staff.

Eddie Person 1 year ago

The staff is always cleaning. Personally think they have the best equipment in town definitely the most power racks for dead lifts, squats and all powerlifting. They are a real no Judgment zone.

bucketsken 1 year ago

Very nice and clean

Engin Katirci 1 year ago

Clean and new gym

Robyn Fair 1 year ago

Hello scan my body

Dre Marshall 1 year ago

Gym is a dope vibe, a lot of hard work going on in there!

Jacqueline Crehan 1 year ago

I went asa Guest ,& this gym is amazing the staff is wonderful,non judgemental.I felt comfortable talking with the Gentleman at the front signing me up.unfortunaly I didn't get to sign that day .Because, didn't have my Debit Card at the moment on me.But no worries I'm going back today !!! TO GET MY MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!

Ruth 1 year ago

Gym seemed brand new. Friendly staff. Wipes were available everywhere to clean equipment. I was disappointed that they didn't have the hip thrust machine like my local Orlando Crunch but the staff was willing to show me alternative exercises which I appreciated.

Boo Schara 1 year ago

Best gym in town. Best staff. Cleanest locker rooms. No pressure

Suzette Williams 1 year ago

My lord, what a wonderful facility, even the staff! Being on a busy road, I tried crossing the street to go visit. A car, started speeding out of nowhere. I was doomed. But there he was, Justin! With his sign skills, he threw the sign, pushing me out of the way! WHAT A TRUE HERO!!! Nothing but the best for him. He's the reason I joined crunch.

Skeet Davidson 1 year ago

Me and my new bae first discovered crunch after passing by a man flipping a sign. His name is Justin and he’s been a very great help in my new fitness journey. I’ve recently started going to the gym to get stronger after my girls ex husband started going crazy online. Justin is always friendly and has such a positive attitude. He’s great motivation and I’ve loved every experience at this crunch fitness!

Zachy Oldacy 1 year ago

This gym is fantabulous! The very tall, handsome, muscular and strong sign holder really sold me. I think his name is Justin. He really makes my membership worth it!

John R Barrett 1 year ago

Signed up and met the staff and mgt. They were phenomenal; super fun, energetic and very knowledgeable. Crunch brings a whole different vibe to the game. Very happy and proud to be a member here!

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